Staff Bios

A metal fabrication shop is only as good as its team. Versatile Fabrication takes pride in the fact that our staff has more experience than many of our competitors in West Michigan. Take a moment to get to know us by reading the biographies below. After all, you need to like who you work with. 

  • Joe Balaskovitz - President

    Other than a paper route and picking blueberries, Versatile Fabrication is literally the only place Joe has ever cashed a paycheck. He has lived and breathed Versatile Fabrication for over thirty-five years. During his time, he's had his hand in just about everything at the shop.

    As a teen, he swept the floors and painted the building. Just after high school he worked as an apprentice, until he earned his Journeyman card at the age of twenty-two. Joe then worked both in the shop and in the field for approximately 8 years before being promoted to shop Foreman, where he lead for approximately 4 more years. He advanced from Foreman to Sales/Project Manager until he bought out the original owner twelve years ago.

    As President of Versatile Fabrication, Joe is more involved with the business than ever before. He no longer has time to paint the building himself because he's too busy selling and managing projects - while charting the course of the company for today and the future.

    On the personal side, Joe is an avid golfer. No one really knows if he's any good, but you won't have any problem convincing him to hold your next meeting on the fairway.

    Joe can be reached at 231.740.2486.

  • Kim Gustafson - Sales-Project Manager

    Kim has over thirty-five year's of experience in industrial applications.  He specializes in small and large fabrication and installation, and he also has both metal fabrication and millwright experience. Kim has a wide range of industry experience. He has provided services for nuclear plants, Consumers Energy, cement plants, tugboats, sand processing facilities, automotive, foundry fabrication, and dust collection systems - to name a few. Kim offers a wealth of knowledge on virtually any project that can only come from dedicating years to a craft.

    Kim can be reached at 231.739.7115 x228 or on his cell at 231.740.1524.

  • Matt Robeck - Sales-Project Manager

    Matt is a key "go-to-guy" at Versatile Fabrication. His 17-year Versatile Fabrication experience gives him a unique, thorough understanding of all in-shop machine processes and capabilities . During his thorough, four-year apprenticeship training, Matt managed a variety of tasks, including production welding and working in the field under journeyman supervision. While in the field, Matt made and installed blowpipe, smoke stacks, stairways/catwalks with hand railing, machinery repair, and much more.

    Following his fourth year of apprenticeship, he worked mostly in the Versatile Fabrication shop and in the field. This is where his true talents began to shine. He ran jobs from beginning to completion, while managing multiple apprentices.

    After being with Versatile Fabrication for 8 years, Matt began working as a project manager in the prototype and production area where he specifies material needs, develops flat banks and saw cut lists, programs press brakes, programs the lasers, and coordinates the work of many employees.

    Matt is also an expert in 2D and 3D CAD (Solidworks) allowing him to create shop drawings and evaluate parts on a daily basis. He is also certified in GTAW with both a sheet metal and structural emphasis.

    Matt can be reached at:  231.739.7115 x235.

  • Ron Balaskovitz - Sales-Project Manager

    Ron has been with Versatile Fabrication for over twenty-seven years. He has more than 10 years of experience as a journeyman, and over 10 years experience in laser cutting and stainless-steel sales. Ron is known for his excellent customer service, fast turn arounds, and doing what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

    On the personal side, Ron is an avid fly fisherman. So if you work with Versatile Fabrication, chances are he will try to take you fishing.

    Ron can be reached at 231.740.5996.

  • Rodney Robinson - Sales-Project Manager

    Rodney is a third-generation union sheet metal worker with more than twenty-three year's worth of hands-on experience.  He is a journeyman, field foreman, and he's been a Versatile Fabrication salesman for the past 5 years. Rodney's specialties include structural steel and laser cut projects. 

    On the personal side, Rodney not only shapes steel, but he shapes the lives of young athletes as a volunteer coach for youth football, baseball and hockey teams. If he's as good with his whistle as he is in our shop, those kids are going to be good.

    Rodney can be reached at:  231.740.9752.

  • Sam Taylor - Plant Foreman

    Sam has been with Versatile Fabrication for over twenty-one years. He has been a sheet metal journeyman for the past 16 years. Sam's primary duties include material quoting, purchasing, and project scheduling for all of Versatile Fabrication's accounts.

    Sam can be reached at 231.739.7115   x224

  • Gwen Henning - Controller

    Gwen is the velvet hammer at Versatile Fabrication. She has a knack for getting things done - with a smile. Gwen excels at problem solving and facilitating continuous improvements throughout the business.

    Gwen has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Grand Valley State University with an emphasis in finance. She worked in Sales and Marketing at Bissell, Inc. for three years, and prior to coming on board with Versatile Fabrication, Gwen owned and managed a manufacturing business for eleven years.

    As if she hasn't accomplished enough in her life, she even has her private pilot, commercial, instrument, and twin-engine piloting licenses as part of an Aviation Degree from Northwestern Michigan College.

    Gwen can be reached at 231.739.7115 x225.