Prototype and Production

The creation of prototype parts with very short lead times is one area in which Versatile Fabrication has always stood out from the competition.  Nobody around has the experience and capabilities to match us.  If you have a sheet metal part you need a sample of quickly, why turn to 3D printed plastic “mock-ups”, when you can have an actual metal part, with similar weight, strength, and material behavior as your final finished parts are planned to be. 

If your part includes complex stamped surfaces, we can design and build soft or hard tooling to accurately reproduce these surfaces, everything depends on the quantity you require, and the time in which you require them.  If you need a part in the least amount of time possible, our skilled craftsmen can even hand form and weld small pieces together to build up your desired part quickly.  No project is too complex or has too short of a lead time for us to consider.

If you have a part for which its original construction processes are unknown, or perhaps it is your own prototype mock up for which you need to make a metal version, we can help.  We have a CMM (coordinate measuring machine) with a large measuring envelope.  We can use this to not only check the dimensional accuracy of the products we produce, we can also reverse engineer almost anything, and then build a 3D CAD model of it.  Once we have a CAD model created, you can see your part in the virtual world, and approve it for production.  We then can build what ever quantity you need, from the materials of your choosing.

Need a lot of parts fast?  Once you have a prototype we can mass produce it based on the quantities and time frame you require.  CNC laser cutting and turret punching are known to be among the fastest possible methods for producing parts.  Both of these systems are at the core of our production manufacturing capabilities.  From one part to thousands of parts, any requirement will be considered.